Top 10 Wanted

List of the 10 Heroes with the most reward on their heads ever.
[HECK] FENOMENAL (9,068,941 cr.)
13. (7,155,415 cr.)
[META] Aladin22 (5,998,659 cr.)
[EdOs] Lupo65 (4,322,275 cr.)
[PLAY] Sofya (3,396,445 cr.)
[IGDS] beroiter (3,108,462 cr.)
[EDOS] KONAN. (2,830,773 cr.)
[FRAN] COPCO (2,565,011 cr.)
[Gods] Jrrt75 (2,515,001 cr.)
[HecK] Pegasus. (2,406,072 cr.)

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