The World Rankings


A major new functionality is now introduced by the Staff of Ancient Legion! This is the World Ranking, a new and important index! Until now, you have been able to see a heroes position in the standings in his profile, a ranking based on points won in the most varied ways, which had nothing to do with the real talent of the game. Therefore the Staff has begun a long time ago to develop a sophisticated algorithm that tries to determine on the basis of many parameters the actual ranking of each hero, a world ranking that regardless of the level of points, attributed to each his own right place in the pyramid pointing toward the absolute best! This algorithm has been put into operation today! From now on, , the profile of each hero will show its real position in this ranking!
Let's investigate it more closely:
1) The ranking is not in real time. Its refresh rate has not yet been decided, but will be between 7 and 30 days. During this first test period it may, however, undergo more frequent updates.
2) The ranking covers only the top 500 heroes in the standings. All other shows +500. The lower the position, the better the system believes the hero is. The number 1 is the best hero.
3) The ranking is not the Bible, however, it is a very reliable indicator. The actual physical force is taken into account in a more than superficial way, thought the real results comes from the battlefield. To have high training without being able to take advantage in challenges, penalizes.
4) The challenges are held in high regard by the system. The system totally ignores the made challenges against clearly weaker heroes. To increase your ranking you must try to defeat the more powerful heroes, your equal or slightly weaker ones. Constantly defeating heroes much weaker than you can downgrade you in the world rankings.
5) The updates of the rankings considers the performance of a few weeks to determine the heroes status. The inactive heroes are slowly being penalized in the ranking. The victories in tournaments are hold in great importance as are the the imperial duel.

We hope that the new index provides an inspiration for you to constantly improve more ... To climb to the top of the best!

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