Problems with access


The Staff of Ancient Legion regrets to inform that unfortunately due to a generalized problem with DNS server that has affected hundreds of domains, including our, many players are unable to access the game even when the game servers are fully operational.

What are the DNS servers?
The DNS servers are many machines in the world that store information about a specific domain (eg with instructions to get the right server containing that domain. When you enter on your browser, your computer queries the DNS server where to land. At this point the DNS server should pass this information to help you land correctly on the game server. Unfortunately, instead of the dns server (for reasons not entirely clear) do not respond properly with the right instructions, making sure that the site is not accessible.

Why some people can get in?
Some browsers and some devices instead of contacting each time the DNS server to ask for landing instructions, keep cached the old landing instructions. In doing so since the game servers are fully operational, they will see the game without problems. We advise you NOT to empty the cache. Unfortunately, this cache will tend to expire slowly and your browser will tend sooner or later to ask for instructions to update the DNS servers that respond incorrectly.

We hope that this problem will be solved soon. Although the problem is beyond our control, we apologize for this inconvenience.

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