New way to play with smatphones


A new optimizations have been completed for the new version for smartphones accessible by anyone at And with great joy that we announce the commissioning of a new online version of Ancient Legion optimized for all the most advanced smartphones! Remember that this new version is suitable only for smartphones, so you might not be able to navigate with your old cell phone ...

We also recommend iPhone users to switch to this new version through the browser as long as the new application in developing stages, based on this same layout but with a special architecture that will make up to 85x100 faster than a normal browser version. The application in developing stages will be given for all Android phones and iPhones / iPods from 3G up. Here is the list of the most important updates.

1) It created a new subversion optimized for all smartphones with a screen width of less than 300 pixels . This should avoid any unpleasant graphical errors that occurred on devices with small screens. Access to this subversion and automatic. And the system itself will understand the resolution of the screen of your device and refer you to the correct subversion. To enjoy the best of the new version, however we recommend at least 320 pixels wide screen.

2) The shortcut menu available on the bottom of the page (inside pages, excluding the homepage) and updated with new links useful.

3) Improved the readability of the Training Section.

4) Improvements have been made to cross-browser compatibility.

5) It fixes a bug that showed the wrong health bar. We are aware that there are still improvements to be made and corrections are already reported to you gently. We are working to complete in the shortest possible time. thanks

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