The Arena!


With a great joy that the Staff of Ancient Legion announces the birth of the Arena! An exciting new game mode based on the new engine which was inaugurated collective challenges, and in fact replaces the old way of making points with the missions (the missions still exist but now does not give more points, and will soon be included in the Tavern and can win coins). But back to the real highlight of the news, the Arena!

The improved system now allows to compete in group challenges in the Arena. There are different modes and the system is developed so that we can host many more in the future. At the time, it is available-for-all where groups of 6 players (there is also a session from 3 players) will compete in an epic fight with no holds barred. There is also the Team Battle mode, where the 6 heroes who take part in the session will be divided by the system into 2 teams of 3 heroes each that will compete for the win! If you have the makings of a sample can groped the mode Mutiny! where 2 heroes with the highest ranking will compete against 4 heroes with the lowest ranking! Finally, the Clan Wars mode with the same rules as Team Battle, but with the difference that the system will give priority to couple the same team members of the same clan!

We recommend that you carefully read all the rules! The system of challenges is very different from the system of challenges 1 VS 1, so do not expect to master it immediately. Please consider that this is only a first release of this innovative functionality, and that in a few weeks the system will be enhanced with advanced strategies specifically dedicated to the Arena, which will give full opportunity to every player to show his talent! Soon there will also be available many new modes of play!

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