New Rules and Assets!


Ancient Legion's Staff is glad to announce today two important changes to the game: a new assets' management system and new rules. First things first, from today every asset (both new ones and old ones) will automatically renew their stocks by always setting weapons and armors with the best conditions, and the magic with the best amount, as long as you have them in your deposit. Just like happen with your customized assets! Now coming to the new rules These are the two changes to Ancient Legion's regulations. 1) As you know, the amount of training points per minute you can have is influenced by your ranking points. With more than 1.000 points you earn 4 training points. If you have between 801 and 1.000, you earn 3 training points. If you have between 501 and 800, you earn 2 training points. Only one point for the others. Starting today, whoever will take part to the Honor Prestige, will have 6 training points per minute for the next 15 days, that will take the place of your training points. 2) Also, every players at 0 point will have a special bonus. When you challenge another hero at 0 point, you would be able to unlock a 50 point kickstart bonus. You can receive this bonus only if your hero isn't dead in the last 5 days. In fact, this system is studied only for new heroes or for the ones that take part to the Honor Prestige.
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