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Ancient Legion's Staff is glad to announce a very convenient news for empires development. From today, the 50x100 of the majority of the expenses' kind you can make in the game will go directly into empire's pockets. These are the kind of expenses included into this system: Weapon buying Armor buying New creatures buying Creature's food buying Spells buying Welcome kit buying Weapon and armor repairing Resurrection Temple Breeder license buying Political license buying Alchemist lab buying Training herbs buying Training and ability reorganization Magical academy fee That way everyone could contribute to the development of his own empire by simply doing his everyday routine, without making any kind of donation. Remember that features like the Public Faith and Public Health affect directly your everyday challenges. But that's not all. From the next Imperial Tournament, winning empire will receive 10x100 of what earned from the month before fees. The same will happen in the Imperial Young Tournament, but the winnin empire fill receive only a 5x100 fee.
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