The Imperial Match


With great joy we will announce the beginning of an interesting new Imperial Match! An exciting new tournament will be held from 21st to 26th of each month and the competition will be held between our empires! The tournament starts with the selection of three heroes per Empire, that without their faithful creature will face the selections of the other three empires. The challenges will take place 1 VS 1. The top hero of each Empire will challenge the top hero of the other empires, the second choice will challenge the other second choices, third choice will challenge other selected third choices. The victories of the top heroes will be worth 3 points, those of the second choice will be worth 2 points, and those of selected third will be worth 1 point! Every day from 21 there will be a direct clash between the Empires ( North VS South and West vs. East). Each hero involved will play one challenge per day (the challenge back will be played on a different day). At the end of the day the Empire with the most points will win!
But who will establish the selection of heroes who have the difficult task of representing the value of an entire empire? It will be the Emperor (elected by your votes)who will take the responsibility to choose the trio of representation and to give it the degree of importance (the top hero, the second and third hero). For the Emperor winning would certainly be a result of Imperial pride, but also a terrible shame in case of defeat, certainly difficult to digest of their own followers who were maybe hoping for some other selection!
But there's more! To encourage the search for young talents, a parallel competition for the young! The very same rules, but in this case the Emperor will be able to select only heroes with less than 365 days of age.
What can you win? No personal award, but an extra imperial action (for each of the 2 competitions) that the Emperor may use the benefit of all its citizens! Therefore, even the heroes that will be available to your Emperor will do so only the pride and for the pride of his Empire!

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