The New Level System


The STAFF has now completed a sophisticated set of algorithms that will revolutionize the level system as we know it today. The technological problems have finally been overcome and the new system is going to be a real revolution! This might come as a shock to many players. Even though we know that some of us will welcome it in a negative way, it will solve many problems present today and open the door to a better future.

Let's start with the good news. The levels will remain from 1 to 4 where the 1st level is for the weaker players and the 4th level, for the more advanced ones. The levels are dynamic; you can move up and you can always go back! You can do challenges without problems and without having to worry about the risk of advancing levels prematurely.

Then the bad news. The transition between the levels is no longer left to the will of the player but the system will decide at which level the hero belongs to. Every two months, the system will conduct a check of all existing heroes, considering many factors relating to the actual competitiveness of each hero (including the creatures) and implement the proper promotions and demotions. Each hero would then be moved to the level at which the system considers him/her to be part of! Level 1 will be strictly off-limits and is dedicated exclusively to the true novice. Level 2 is for novices who are beginning to understand how the game works. Level 3 is for heroes capable of playing the game, while level 4 is for the strongest heroes.

The system is NOT yet in use. The Staff is currently refining the balance of the algorithms, but we have already created a simulation that allows everyone to see at what level a hero would belong to if the assessment were made today with the current balance (which I REPEAT ARE NOT FINAL). You can find the link in the Italian forum under Novita' ed Eventi and there [STAFF] La rivoluzione dei livelli.

Before you complain about the level where you are virtually thrown into: 1) Check who the other members of that level are and it is very likely that you would find many people who are already accustomed to the challenge and just as likely, the people who are afraid of that level would in turn be thrown more forward. 2) If the system believes that you belong to a particular level, it means that you certainly have a chance there. Shed your fears and be courageous! If you are literally destroyed there, you will be moved to a lower level by the system.

For those of you who are forcibly ejected from your current levels, the new system has a protection mechanism in place which is based on the real competitiveness, strength and talent of the player. Landing at the 4th level should be considered an honour as you get the visibility you deserve! The lower levels will be left for the real newbies so that they may have fun and develop a healthy gaming experience. Clicking on the link attached to the post on the Italian forum, you can enter the section that will lead you to explore new levels, by entering any heroes name you will see to which level they hypothetically belong.

Edit:The date is set to September the 10th

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