Intro Guide

This guide is recommended to all new and old players. I suggest you make a small effort in reading it in order to gain a basic knowledge of the game which will allow you to move in Ancient Legion with greater ease. This is a game that requires skill and well-thought out strategies based primarily on challenges versus other players. Each player begins his ascent to glory from the basic level; By gaining experience and success on the battlefield, your hero will grow and you will go on the path of confronting more expert and better prepared players. As you complete challenges and gain points, you go to a higher rank (level). Each level has a ranking classified according to the points of each hero belonging to that level. The top 30 heroes on each of the charts form the Top 30, and follow challenge rules that are different from the ones that those who are outside the Top 30 follow. Missions and challenges are the main ways to earn points. While missions are book style narrative games, challenges allow heroes to compete with other players belonging to their own ranking.
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