Code of Conduct

This regulation is valid for all players, regardless of mobile operator, device or technology with which the user logs on.

- This regulation does not admit ignorance. Ignoring its existence is not an excuse to commit unlawful acts. It is duty of everyone to read, understand and respect it. - Any action, event or circumstance not covered by the following regulation does not mean it is lawful. To doubt always contact the Staff

- It is strictly forbidden to have or manage more than one hero (nick) per person. It is punished with the permanent removal from the game for all heroes(nicks) involved.
- Play with 2 or more SIMs is allowed only if all are associated with that heros nickname.
- Hero is regarded as a clone if used for illicit purposes to cause harm to certain players or benefit to others. The hero1 digging all day in the mine to donate all his possessions to hero2 or clan and regarded clone. Who benefits is considered the owner of the clone. Once discovered, the owner's hero and the clone hero (or ownership in the event of clan) are eliminated from the game permanently. Claiming that the hero clone belongs to his sister, brother, the cousin's mother-in-law's aunt, will not save the nick affected by deletion.
- The identification of clones must be reported to the staff.
- It explicitly banned to accuse a hero of being or having clones. If you know for certain, these reports should be sent only to staff who will do inspections.

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