Code of Conduct

- It is prohibited to all players to insult, abuse or threaten other players. It is also forbidden to respond to these insults with other offends.
- Punishable are insults and threats sent through any instrument of gaming, such as private messaging, chat, forum, bulletin board, etc.
- The insults should be reported to the staff indicating as many elements as possible for the control. Staff, after roughly established the gravity of the fact giving rise to the alert put the event in a list of checks to be performed. Sanctions are not made public as each event is examined on a case by case basis by the staff. Who reports the event is not required to be informed about the penalty imposed on the comment (not big brother).
- The inspection time can be long depending on the complexity and quantity of cases on the list. These schedules are not an invitation to take justice into their own hands (which is strictly forbidden), they are not to report unpleasant events that occurred during the game. When the crew enters an event list, check out information via private message who made the report. From that moment, that player will not receive further information on the state of progress of checks, the penalties imposed. Any message like ' at what point are you with the controls?' will simply be ignored. Staff through this regulation ensures that all cases included in the list control will be investigated and punished when due.
- If during the inspection finds a mutual exchange of insults between reported and reporting, sanctions are imposed on both. Who started it will not make it any better.
- The offense does not lapse. When the crew carry out the checks, the 'we have already made peace' is not a way to escape the penalty.

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