Challenges among TOP 30

This page is about the challenges when both heroes belong to the top 30. If you win you always win points, if you lose you always lose points, both if you challenge or you are challenged. The total points lost is always equal to the total of the points won by the rival during the challenge. If you challenge a hero with more points and you win, you get 10 percent of the difference between the two heroes. In the event of defeat you will lose between 5 and 10 points. If you challenge a hero with less points and you win you get (10 - (1 percent the scoring difference between the 2 heroes)) with a minimum of 5 scores and a maximum of 10. If you lose, you lose the 10 percent instead of the points of difference between the two heroes. So it is convenient to challenge heroes that have a lot of scores, trying to lose as little as possible when you are at the top of the ranking and you have to challenge heroes with fewer points. Every time you win points are subtracted from your rival and vice versa.

Pay Attention: challenge heroes of your own clan will give no points to you and them both. Also your creatures will gain no experience.

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